Study Aviation English at Cleverlearn English Language Institute (CELI) and start your world-class pilot training at Airworks Aviation Academy, a top flight school in the Philippines.


CELIa��s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Aviation English is based and created with the ICAO standards. The course focuses on linguistic analyses and inventories of the exact nature of the language used in communication for air traffic control are essential for the English language course developer, who must then grade the findings in terms of importance for efficient communication and linguistic difficulty.


About Airworks Aviation

Founded in 1993, Airworks Aviation has grown steadily thru the years to become the top flying school in the Philippines. In response to the continued surge in demand for pilots around the world, the school has expanded in Cebu, the Philippinesa�� version of paradise, offering the best mix of education, commerce and leisure.


What is Cleverlearn a�� Airworks Aviation English Program?

Cleverlearn a�� Airworks Aviation English Program is one of CELIa��s educational programs with a well-built and well-crafted curriculum that will help the students, not only in polishing their English skills but also, guiding them in reaching success in becoming a pilot, both in Private and Commercial Aviation.


Why study Aviation in Cebu?

  • Best place for study and life balance; abundance of colleges and universities shopping malls, public and private beaches, superb restaurant recreational choices.
  • Very multi-cultural/international
  • Good year-round weather
  • Proximity to dozens of airports available for training
  • Ability to train in a world-class international airport
  • Superior scenery around Mactan airport


Why choose Cleverlearn a�� Airworks Aviation English Program?

    • Cleverlearn prepares you in your English skills needed for your dream of becoming a pilot.
    • Airworks Aviation is the top flying school in the Philippines, with up-to-date and state-of-the-art planes and other aviation technology.
    • Airworks Aviation Academy has the most number of training planes, to ensure thorough hands-on training among students.

Moreover, you might be required by your institution to include research linked to methodology. The committee will essay writer choose whether you’re a danger to the university and to other students.

  • Airworks Aviation Academy boasts its latest models in training planes, including Garmin G1000 glass cockpit.
  • Competitive and well-trained faculty.
  • The ONLY SCHOOL in the Philippines with Flight Safety International-trained and FAA-Certified instructors
  • Cleverlearn a�� Airworks Aviation English Program provides quality education you need with a very cost-competitive tuition fees.
  • Graduates of the program will be hired easily as the program induces almost zero jobless rates.
  • With alumni working in top airline companies in the world, i.e.A�Cathay Pacific,A�Pamir Airways,A�Garuda Indonesia, and others.


Start polishing your English skills with CELI ICAO Aviation English and take a direct flight to your dreams with Airworks Aviation.


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